3 reasons why you may need a certified translation, a few things to keep in mind before you get into it

It is often easy to think that you need a sworn translation. For example, when it comes to legal documents. Not every legal document needs to be sworn translation. Sworn translations are generally needed for official documents that have to be translated into another language for official bodies. To make it a little easier, we have made a top 5 of documents that often need a sworn translation.

What is a certified translation?

A sworn translation is a translation made legally and certified by a specialized translator: the sworn translator. This translator is sworn in by a court for a specific language combination. The translation is certified by the translator and indissolubly attached to the original, who certifies that the translation is correct and complete. The declaration must be provided with a signature and a stamp.

1. Translation of official documents

Official documents such as driver’s licenses, passports, excerpts and birth certificates usually require a sworn translation. Are you going to emigrate? Getting married abroad? Or, for example, getting a divorce in a country other than the Netherlands? Then you need a sworn translator who can translate your document correctly and provide you with a statement.

The following official documents are often requested by official bodies – such as municipalities, universities, embassies, courts, law firms and notaries – to be translated by a sworn translator:

  • emigration documents
  • birth certificates
  • driving licenses
  • passports
  • excerpts from the population register
  • death certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • divorce decrees, etc.

2. Translation of legal documents

In the process of a lawsuit or international legal issues, in most cases you will also need to hire a sworn translator. Consider the translation of the following legal documents:

  • summons
  • judgments
  • orders
  • bailiff’s writs
  • petitions
  • defence documents
  • supporting documents, etc.

3. Translation of notarized documents

When setting up a company abroad or opening an additional office in another country, your memorandum of association may need to be sworn translated. In addition to the memorandum of association, there are other documents that often require a sworn translation such as:

  • articles of association
  • articles of incorporation
  • sales deeds
  • wills
  • certificates of inheritance, etc.

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