Why do you have to use machine translations these days? A few handy tips

Just letting translation machines do the work is a no go. However, translation technology is developing at a rapid pace, as machine translations are an excellent addition to the translation services process.

What are machine translations?

A machine translation is a fully automated software that can translate text into different target languages. The quality of texts translated by translation machines varies greatly and the machines are always learning to increase this quality.

Post-editing: editing machine translations

Although the quality is far from perfect, using machine translations is still a good idea. Why, you may ask?

  • Because machine translations combined with the human touch of a professionally trained translator are a golden combination.
  • This combination is called post-editing and is a process that consists of reviewing and revising a text that has been translated by advanced translation technology. The best of both worlds:

The speed of machine translations

Within minutes, advanced translation machines can produce thousands of words and turn them into fairly accurate translations in almost any language.

With human input

By having a professional translator edit machine translations, you add nuances to a translation. Since the machine itself does not have this.

Light and full editing of machine translations

Post-editing involves two types of editing: light and full editing of machine translations. Light editing consists of correcting and reviewing the translation choices made by the translation machine. The goal of light editing is to produce an understandable translation.

Full editing of machine translations goes beyond that. The translator ensures that the translation matches the original both stylistically and grammatically.

What are the benefits of post-editing?

Advanced translation technology saves our translators hours of work and the text only needs to be revised. Thanks to the translation engine’s preliminary work, the delivery time of your translation is significantly reduced.

High consistency and quality

Texts are translated by the best translation technology combined with the human touch of a professionally trained translator. Thanks to the revision by an experienced translator, texts form a clear and correct whole.

Cheaper translations

By using machine translation the costs of the translation itself are much lower. Choosing the post-edit service for your texts ensures significantly cheaper translations.

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